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Contracting plans for probation services - 9 January 2013

Chris Grayling, the justice secretary, today announced an overhaul of the probation service that could mean responsibility for the rehabilitation of 200,000 offenders is transferred to the voluntary and private sectors.

There will be a six-week consultation period on the proposals and successful bidders for probation contracts will be paid according to their results in cutting reoffending. ‘Transforming Rehabilitation – a revolution in the way we manage offenders’ describes the Government’s proposals for reforming the delivery of offender services in the community to reduce reoffending rates whilst delivering improved value for money for the tax payer.

The Ministry of Justice said it would set aside £500,000 to help charities prepare bids for the contracts.

Further plans set out in the 'Transforming Rehabilitation' consultation paper include:

  • A greater use of mentors to meet offenders at the prison gate and support them in the community
  • Only paying in full for services that are proven to work at reducing re-offending
  • Opening up rehabilitation services to a much wider range of providers, who are free to innovate and do the things that work to turn offenders' lives around

To view the consultation and to take part, see the Ministry of Justice website.