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Charities bearing brunt of Local Authority cuts - 5 December 2012

Half of local authorities have made disproportionate cuts to the voluntary sector, according to a new report by Compact Voice.

In July 2012 Compact Voice, which represents the voluntary sector on the Compact, used the Freedom of Information Act to question 352 local authorities in England about cuts they had made to voluntary sector funding.

Of the 293 that responded, Compact Voice says, half revealed they had made reductions in grant funding to the voluntary sector that are disproportionate to the amount their own budgets have been reduced.

The Compact Voice report on the findings says that voluntary sector organisations are being given fewer opportunities to deliver council services and that the amount local authorities spend on contracts with charities has fallen.

Compact Voice also found that 56% of local authorities said they had reduced the amount of grant funding for voluntary sector organisations between 2011/12 and 2012/13.

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