Funding news

Expansion of National Citizen Service planned - 29 February 2012

After its initial pilot period, the Government wants the programme to eventually "become a rite of passage for all 16-year-olds" and they are now inviting input into the fund's future.

The Cabinet Office are currently seeking your views to help them to develop their plans for expanding National Citizen Service (NCS).

They aim to use this input to:

  • develop our procurement strategy for delivery of NCS from 2014
  • inform a second-round of discussions with the marketplace
  • develop a more specific NCS service requirement
  • share information on how the current pilot is being implemented and the lessons being learnt along the way.

You can get involved in the consultation in two ways:

The workshops will be held at Admiralty House, Ripley Courtyard, Whitehall, London SW1A 2DY. Agendas and further details will be available soon.

Places for these events are limited so you need to register early. The latest you will be able to register is 4 working days in advance of each event.

If events are heavily over-subscribed the Cabinet Office may be able to make future dates available.

To find out more about NCS, go to: or visit:

News has also been released about who will be administering the scheme in different areas around the country. For more information, see the Third Sector article.