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Cabinet Office revises volunteering match fund figure - 27 May 2011

The proposal for £80m of funding for volunteering infrastructure and a volunteering match fund over four years, announced at Christmas in the Giving Green Paper, has been changed to £40m over two years, with the rest under review.

The Giving White Paper, unveiled on Monday, included a £10m Social Action Fund and a £30m local infrastructure fund. A Cabinet Office spokesman told Third Sector that funding for both programmes would be reviewed after two years.

"What will happen with the other £40m will be reviewed after two years. Because we're dealing with innovative things, we'll take a step back after two years to see how it's worked out,".

The spokesman confirmed that all of the funding came from the Office for Civil Society's £470m budget, which was announced in the comprehensive spending review.

The £30m local infrastructure fund will be delivered by the Big Lottery Fund. A spokeswoman for the BLF said the applications process for this funding would open in July to general and volunteering infrastructure organisations.

She said the aim of the fund would be to "modernise and improve the relevance of their services". Further details about the applications process would be announced in due course, she said

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