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Consultation on 'Best Value' guidance for councils - 13 April 2011

Authorities that disproportionately reduce voluntary sector funding could have their responsibility for such funding removed or be forced to change their policies.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) may remove councils' responsibility for voluntary sector funding according to new guidance from the department, published for consultation today.

The guidance also states that councils 'should seek to avoid passing on disproportionate cuts' to the voluntary sector and that councils planning to cut funding for voluntary sector groups should give three months' notice to the groups and their service users if the funding cut 'will materially threaten the viability of the organisation or the service it provides'.

A CLG spokeswoman defined "disproportionate cuts" as reductions in voluntary sector funding that were bigger than the reductions to councils' own budgets and that Central government departments would sign up to the same principles.

The Consultation closes 13 June 2011. To see the document and to take part click here.

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