Funding news

Arts Council England announces funding decisions and new National portfolio of arts organisations - 1 April 2011

Arts Council England has announced a new National portfolio of funded organisations, with decisions made within the twin context of its strategic framework 'Achieving great art for everyone' and a challenging economic backdrop.

Highlights of the portfolio include:

  • reduced grant in aid budget (down 14.9%) in context of wider public sector cuts
  • Arts Council cuts strategically - no 'equal cuts for all'
  • A portfolio of 695 organisations replacing a previous regularly funded portfolio of 849
  • 110 new organisations receiving funding
  • focus on excellent organisations and exceptional individual talent, with decisions shaped by a 10-year vision for the arts
  • touring receiving major support with £18 million Lottery a year earmarked for portfolio organisations
  • £10.5 million Lottery a year also targeted at work with children and young people, to ensure vital educational work continues
  • extra £12 million Grants for the arts Lottery money freed up for small organisations
  • regret as good applications turned down, including 206 existing regularly funded organisations

For more information on awarded organisations, visit the Arts Council website.