Funding news

Local Authorities to release details of grants, payments and tenders - 7 February 2011

A new code of practice will expect them to release details of all grants and payments they make to charities, community groups and social enterprises.

According to Greg Clark, the decentralisation minister, the code of practice will include Local Authorities being expected to publish copies of contracts and tenders that are given to the voluntary sector.

The resultant figures aim to: "help voluntary groups understand how services are currently delivered, and to assess whether they might be able to put forward a credible bid to run them differently and deliver greater value for money".

Clark also stated that voluntary groups "can draw on the enthusiasm of volunteers, and the goodwill of local communities". It says they "offer good value for taxpayers’ money when commissioned to provide services".

A spokesperson for the Department for Communities and Local Government said the government’s plans did not include setting a deadline for the publication of the figures but it hoped councils would publish them as soon as possible.

A consultation on the proposals should also be opening soon.