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Civil Society Minister Publishes Modernising Commissioning Green Paper - 15 December 2010

Hurd seeking views on creating fair environment for organisations competing for public service contracts.

Nick Hurd, Civil Society minister, has published a green paper asking for views on how the Government can create a fair environment for civil society organisations to compete for public service contracts.

The paper addresses four key questions:

  • In which public service areas could government create new opportunities for civil society organisations to deliver?
  • How could government make existing public service markets more accessible to civil society organisations?
  • How could commissioners use assessments of full social, environmental and economic value to inform their commissioning decisions?
  • How could civil society organisations support greater citizen and community involvement in all stages of commissioning?

The Minister said:

'Public services must make better use of tax-payer’s money. We need smarter commissioning processes that take into account the social and environmental impact of organisations awarded contracts. Good performance in these areas can take pressure off other public services and so create efficiencies across the board. This is part of a Big Society approach that will form the core of the Public Service Reform White Paper next year.'

The consultation will close on 05 January 2011 and the results will inform a Public Service White Paper to be published shortly.

The full document can be viewed here