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Culture Secretary announces action plan to boost philanthropy - 10 December 2010

£80 million fund at heart of new Government drive to help boost private giving to arts organisations and to aim to create a new generation of philanthropists.

Jeremy Hunt, the culture secretary, has announced an £80m arts match fund to boost philanthropy in the culture sector.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport will put £30m into the scheme and £50m will be taken from the National Lottery over the next four years. Hunt said the money will be put into a series of match fund schemes in the arts to try and raise at least an equivalent amount from private donors.

Outlining a 10-point plan to encourage individual giving, Hunt said he wanted to explode the myth that this was simply in response to arts funding cuts. 'Philanthropy is not about replacing state funding with private support' he said. He also outlined an ambition for the UK to become the first country in the world where it would be normal for people to leave 10 per cent of their legacy to charity.

Hunt also said the honours system could be used to recognise giving, something recommended by crossbencher Lord Janvrin during a debate about philanthropy in the Lords last week.

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