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Your Square Mile neighbourhood pilots planned - 23 November 2010

Your Square Mile groups are intended to help people make stronger connections with their neighbourhood. Fifteen pilot versions of the flagship project of the Big Society Network - are expected to run between January and June next year.

The idea behind the scheme is to strengthen people's involvement with their neighbourhoods by offering them practical help, such as maps of local facilities, software grants, office space and contacts in the local council.

Paul Twivy, chief executive of the Big Society Network, stated that the majority of the planned pilots would be in areas that had little or no social capital. However, about a third of them would be sited in stronger communities, some of which would be deprived areas that had beaten the odds.

The square mile groups would be established as mutuals that anyone over the age of 16 could join, he said. Eventually, the local groups would link up with a national network.

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