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Comprehensive Spending Review: Government Funding at a glance - 21 October 2010

The Comprehensive Spending Review on 20 October has revealed some important statements on funding and policy proposals from the Office for Civil Society

At a glance, these proposals include:

  • ‘Government will direct around £470m to support capacity building’.  It’s very unclear at the time of writing what this number comprises.  The word ‘direct’ could be key – as it seems to imply that funds from dormant bank accounts, used for the proposed Big Society Bank, form part of the figure.  If that is the case this may be a very soft figure, as the amount of money that can be reclaimed from dormant accounts remains theoretical.
  • A £100m ‘Transition Fund’ as part of above. This will support organisations between £50k – £10m income which currently receive state funding. It a short-term measure, and unclear what the fund is intended to help organisations to ‘transition’ to at this point.

Other announcements under this heading were trailed in the Building a Stronger Civil Society paper the previous week, and even in the July Budget and earlier.  These included:

  • Funds to pilot the National Citizen Service
  • An endowment fund to assist local organisations
  • The Big Society Bank

A number of useful articles have been released in the national and voluntary sector press, making an initial analysis of the impact the review will have on the sector, including:

There appears to be little further detail available at the present time on any of these announcements, but we will be seeking to find out more and will inform you as they become available.