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New Draft Compact Published - 20 September 2010

A draft of the new version of the Compact is now available.

The document, which governs relationships between the public and voluntary sectors, is being renewed urgently because of October’s comprehensive spending review.

It is hoped the new version will contain measures that prevent government departments treating charities unfairly when spending cuts take effect.

The draft version will be the subject of a six-week consultation and is then expected to be ratified in November - less than a year after the publication of a refreshed version.

Compact Voice, which represents the voluntary sector on Compact issues, announced the renewal today.

It said the change of government necessitated the move and that the threat of severe public sector cuts justified the consultation period being reduced from the usual 12 weeks.

"A new government with a new agenda wants to ensure the Compact fits with its approach," said Simon Blake, chair of Compact Voice.

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