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Office for Civil Society to cut number of strategic partners from 42 to 15 for 2011/12 - 9 August 2010

The Office for Civil Society will cut its budget for its strategic partners from £12.2m to £7.5m and the number of the partners from 42 to 15 from March 2011, according to letter from Civil Society minister Nick Hurd

The maximum grant any one partner will get will be £500,000 a year, with no organisation receive more than 25 per cent of its funding from the OCS, the letter says.

The strategic partners programme was set up to bring long-term cooperation between government and the third sector and ensure the latter's views were heard. It funds organisations to contribute to policy work and act as advocates for the sector.

Figures provided to the House of Commons in December 2009 by the former charities minister Angela Smith showed that Volunteering England, CSV, the NCVO and the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation each received more than £1m in strategic partnership funding in the financial year 2008/09.

About 10 of the 42 current partners are understood to receive more than 25 per cent of their income from the OCS at the moment.

The criteria for deciding which 15 organisations will be strategic partners from March 2011 include taking into account, where relevant, past performance of exiting partners, and the ability to help deliver the government’s vision for the big society.

Spokespeople from NCVO and ACEVO have suggested that this decision was expected and is consistent with other communication the charities have had with OCS since 2009.

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