Funding news

New regular updates from the Governmentfunding Team - 4 August 2010

In addition to alerts on opening schemes, we will now be alerting our subcribers to any significant changes to all of the funding opportunities listed on the site, including both open and closed schemes.

Alerts will be sent out regarding changes to schemes saved on your profile or matching your registered areas of interest. For example, if you have saved the Volunteer Management scheme under Capacitybuilders, you will receive any significant updates to this scheme. This could include policy changes, consultations, awarded projects, funding workshops and departmental reviews. We will now also notify subscribers of upcoming deadlines.

You can save a search or a scheme by clicking the 'Save a Search' option on the right of a search results page or by clicking the 'Save a Scheme' option at the bottom of each scheme page. This will ensure that you will receive alerts of any any significant changes to these schemes. To update your profile to reflect your interests, click here.

We're sure you will find this service useful, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Governmentfunding Team