Funding news

Your chance to speak out about funding cuts - 1 July 2010

Compact Voice are giving organisations the opportunity to raise any concerns they have about a non-Compact compliant cuts to local funding.

Compact Voice represents the views of the voluntary sector in England, in relation to the Compact between the voluntary and public sectors to work together better.

You can email Compact Voice or fill in this online form to register your experience of funding cuts so far. Alternatively you can contact one of the Compact Voice team and talk to them directly:

  • Oliver Reichardt email or phone 0207 520 2581
  • Tom Elkins email or phone 0207 520 2561
  • Paul Barasi email or phone 0207 520 2453
  • Dugald McNaughtan email or phone 0207 520 248

Compact advocacy
Finally, if you suspect there has been a breach of public law or the Compact, email the Compact Advocacy Programme or call 020 7520 3161 to speak to an advocate.