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Public sector funding cuts so far - 29 June 2010

A list comprised of organisations that have contacted the NCVO about their cuts and of those identified by the umbrella body as suffering cuts amounts to nearly £3m, with charities predominantly suffering from cuts from the Arts Council.

the umbrella body has assembled a table listing 579 organisations that have seen reductions in grants or contracts from statutory bodies.

The vast majority of the known cuts so far have been to 550 organisations funded by the Arts Council, which has had a budget cut of 0.5 per cent and made cuts affecting charities totalling £1.7m. However, the table shows these cuts represent less than 1 per cent of most organisations' income.

But more drastic cuts have been reported by charities funded by other public bodies; 29 organisations have suffered cuts totalling £1.26m, including some that have lost 50 per cent of their annual income.

David Kane, research and development officer at the NCVO, said the affected organisations received funding from sources such as central and local government and the NHS.

Some examples of organisations hit by the cuts are:

  • Hull CVS lost £210,000 from the Future Jobs Fund
  • Ealing CVS has lost funding worth £290,000 from the Local Area Agreement Reward Funding scheme
  • Chelmsford Agency for Volunteering has lost £10,000 of its funding from councils in Essex and Chelmsford.

A section on the NCVO website, Crowdsourcing the Cuts, asks charities to reveal how their statutory funding has been cut and what effects it will have on their long-term future and their service users. you can add your story here.

Click here for the table so far.