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Charities must have their say on Total Place, says Navca - 29 June 2010

Local infractrusture group, NAVCA, believes the scheme presents opportunities for the voluntary sector to shape local services.

Charities and voluntary groups must make themselves heard during the expected reshaping of a programme that affects how local services are delivered, according to Navca.

Total Place was introduced by the Labour government to encourage local public bodies to collaborate on delivering services and develop spending and strategy plans together.

The programme has been piloted in 13 areas, with additional councils have adopted the approach in some areas, but the scheme is now being reviewed by the coalition government.

Neil Cleeveley, director of policy and communications at t Navca, announced that the scheme presented considerable opportunities for the sector to shape local services, but charities should put themselves forward to participate in this process.

"The worry is that the new scheme will lead to a top table of local leaders who will be making the decisions, without the sector being consulted at all," he said. "I'd hope that the government would want to encourage the sector to have more input than that."

He also commented that he expected the programme to continue, but it could be amended and renamed.

A spokesman for the Communities and Local Government department said the government was committed to the broad principles of the programme but no decisions had yet been made on its future shape.