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Capacitybuilders and v Under Review - 9 June 2010

Nick Hurd, minister for civil society has officially announced that Capacitybuilders and v, a strategic partner of the former Office of the Third Sector, are under review.

Previously funded by the Office of the Third Sector in the Cabinet Office, Capacitybuilders has aimed to help create a more effective third sector by working to improve support for third sector organisations.

v funds the creation of volunteering opportunities for young volunteers (aged 16-25), 'With v we want to be clear what we are funding and what we are getting back,' said Hurd. 'v has received a lot of government money over time and it is under no illusion that in the future the funding environment is going to be different.'

Hurd also didn't rule out a cut in funding this year for all the old OTS’s strategic partners (quangos or independent grant administrators), which are in their last year of three-year funding from the Cabinet Office: 'We are reviewing all finance to understand what we are funding and why,' he said.

Hurd said the Office for Civil Society was in dialogue with all government departments about potential cuts to the sector. However, he added: 'It will be completely unrealistic to say that the sector is going to be completely ring-fenced. We are very serious about the Big Society and the voluntary and community sector is at the heart of it, but we are all trying to do more with less and we are all trying to seek efficiencies – that extends to the sector as well.'

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