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The Queen's Speech: Charities to have greater service delivery role? - 25 May 2010

Announcing the Conservative-Liberal government's first legislative programme, the Queen said the "role of social enterprises, charities and cooperatives in our public services will be enhanced".

Number 10 have also said that radical reform of public services was needed and third sector organisations were one means by which to improve outcomes and reduce the national debt. Primary legislation is not expected, but Number 10 said that public services markets would, in appropriate areas, be opened up to allow third sector organisations to bid to run public services.

"Barriers to involvement will be identified and measures will be implemented," the statement from Number 10 said.

The government also pledged to give public sector workers the right to form employee-owned cooperatives and bid to run the services they deliver and that early measures, which are not yet specified, would be in place by the autumn.

The Queen went on to state that there would be major overhauls for Britain’s political system, welfare state, schools and police. David Cameron hopes to bring 22 Bills before Parliament over the next 18 months.

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