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David Cameron states Compact will be refreshed - 20 May 2010

The Prime Minister has pledged to "refresh and renew" the Compact, but did not give any indication that the government would give the Commission for the Compact statutory powers.

Speaking at the launch of the big society agenda, Cameron said the Compact - the public and voluntary sector fair play agreement created by Labour in 1998 - had been "honoured more in the breach than the observance".

Sir Bert Massie, Commissioner for the Compact, said: "Although the Compact was refreshed last year, the new agenda relating to the big society might mean that we need to examine how the Compact relates to the private sector and whether further changes are needed."

Following a consultation last year, Labour agreed to support moves to give the commission statutory powers to investigate Compact breaches and submit an annual report to Parliament. However, no legislation was passed before the election and neither the Conservatives nor the Liberal Democrats pledged to give the commission statutory powers in their manifestos.

Oliver Reichardt, head of the Compact team at Compact Voice, which represents the voluntary sector on the Compact, said: "It's great that the Prime Minister recognises the vital role of the Compact in building better relationships between public bodies and civil society.

"With many groups worried about the impact of spending cuts, it is more important than ever that we have a fully implemented Compact."

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