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A new era of people power? The Big Society -18 May 2010

Details of the new government's 'Big Society' ambition announced.

An outline of the first strand of the Big Society programme has now been released.

The Conservative - Liberal Democrat Government have stated that they want to give citizens, communities and local government the power and information they need to come together, solve the problems they face and build the Britain they want.

The policies outlined include aims to:

  • give communities a greater say over their local planning system and saving local services, such as post offices and pubs;
  • create a new generation of community organisers that will be trained to support the establishment of neighbourhood groups and to introduce measures to encourage giving and philanthropy;
  • encourage volunteering and involvement in social action, including launching a national ‘Big Society Day’;
  • support mutuals, co-operatives, charities and social enterprises and give them greater involvement in the running of public services.
  • use funds from dormant bank accounts to establish a Big Society Bank, which will provide new finance for neighbourhood groups, charities, social enterprises and other non-governmental bodies;
  • increase access to government-held data through a ‘new right to data’ for citizens to ensure Government data is published;
  • extend powers for local government by giving a general power of competence to local councils and to conduct a comprehensive review of local government finance in order to help remove restrictions that limit the work of local councils.

A comprehensive programme for Government is due to be published in the coming days. For the full press release click here.