Funding news

European Network of National Associations wins EU Funding to provide online mentoring progammes to the Voluntary Sector - 5 May 2010

Participation for Change programme opens, the first major project of a new international network of voluntary sector umbrella bodies.

The European Network of National Associations, which was launched last year by a group of umbrella bodies including the NCVO, has won EU funding for its Participation for Change programme.

The network will be providing mentoring in collaboration, HR, fundraising and membership development for at least 50 organisations from the UK, Poland, Germany, Estonia and Slovenia.

The programme will be open for applications after a mentors conference in Berlin on Sunday. The mentors, who will be from front-line organisations in the countries involved, will be available online at certain times until November.

The programme is intended to help European organisations share their experience without having to go to Brussels. To read the full article, visit the: Third Sector website