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Compact Voice collates the views of election candidates - 15 April 2010

Responses of potential MPs to questions about the Compact have been included on public website, Compact Voices.

Compact Voice has contacted more than 1,700 parliamentary candidates in an attempt to gauge their views on the Compact.

The organisation, which represents the voluntary sector's side of the agreement, has written to the candidates in the 533 constituencies in England and is uploading their reponses to a publicly accessible website.

Compact Voice has asked candidates what efforts they would make to work with local charities and voluntary organisations in their constituencies if they were elected and whether they would champion the Compact, the agreement that sets out how public and voluntary sector organisations should treat each other.

People are being encouraged by Compact Voice to contact candidates who have not responded to remind them to take part.

A spokesman for the organisation said one of the aims of the exercise was to raise the profile of the Compact. "It is about putting partnership working onto the agenda and getting people who might be elected to commit themselves to the Compact and the principles of partnership working," he added.

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