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DSC's New Government Funding Guide - 9 April 2010

Part of DSC's specialist guide series and researched by the same team who produce this website, the Government Funding Guide provides an unique overview of funding from local, regional and national government as well as European sources.

The new Government Funding Guide (RRP £35) details the best approach to statutory funding practice based on DSC’s vast experience and research findings. We can give you a greater understanding of government culture, passing on our experience so you can approach statutory funders from the best possible advantage.

The guide tracks £2.2 billion of funding from over 200 schemes and covers:

  • government funding programmes for the voluntary sector
  • how government works
  • finding the right funding
  • getting the money – practical techniques for success
  • applying for government funding
  • independent analysis of statutory funders.

A subscription enables you to access and search across the different types of funds, the Government Funding Guide explains how best to use this information. For more information and to buy the guide go to the DSC website.