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Tories promise to review Capacitybuilders programme if elected on 6 May - 6 April 2010

The leading Conservative party believes Capacitybuilders is doing better after a poor start, and will be reviewed along with other infrastructure organisations if they win the forthcoming election.

Capacitybuilders was scolded in the National Audit Office report that also criticised the Futurebuilders fund, the income from which the Tories pledged last week to divert to neighbourhood renewal.

But it is understood the Conservatives believe that capacity-building is still needed and that Capacitybuilders has been performing better after a poor start.

The party is concerned that current capacity-building efforts are uncoordinated and inefficient, and the review would examine how to get more help to front-line organisations.

Before the Futurebuilders policy, the only firm pledge for the sector so far from the main parties was a Liberal Democrat proposal for a composite rate for Gift Aid.

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