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We need your ratings feedback! - 30 March 2010

For over a year now we have been giving all government funders a star rating. These are based on our research, we would like you to contribute to these with your experiences, good and bad.

There have been some negative reports in the press recently concerning local authorities. We would like to hear your feedback about your funding experiences, whether funded by your local authority, a Government Department, the EU or an independent funder such as the Big Lottery Fund. Once received, we can add this feedback to our rating and adapt the rating as appropriate.

Through researching and running the site for over 6 years, DSC has developed a vast knowledge of government practice when funding the voluntary sector- we’ve learnt a lot about individual funders: what to expect, how to get the right information and the best way to approach them. These sorts of things can be really helpful if you’re thinking of applying for funding.

Ratings are based on the information compiled by DSC researchers and their experience of dealing with funders. These were based on 5 key indicators, each correlating to a star. The indicators in brief are -

  1. availability of information
  2. contacts
  3. clarity
  4. relevance to the voluntary sector
  5. application procedure.

However, our ratings are not intended to be a final verdict, just a starting point to begin discussions about the voluntary sector’s experience of government funders. For more information about our ratings, click here.

If you would like to contribute, please email us at

For recent articles about local authorities see the Waltham Forest Council and Westminster City Council news pieces.