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Government and third sector publish report on securing wider action on climate change - 19 March 2010

A vision of how Government and third sector organisations will work together over the next five years to tackle key environmental issues such as climate change and sustainable development has been set out in a new report called ‘Shaping our future’.

The report was published on 9 March and is the work of the joint ministerial and Third Sector Task Force, set up in April 2009 involving ministers and officials from Defra, the Office of the Third Sector, the Department for Energy and Climate Change, the Department for Communities and Local Government and 16 third sector organisations.

The task force’s role was to find new ways to secure further commitment and action on climate change and sustainability by the four Government departments involved and the third sector, which has a vital role to play in encouraging action and securing a transition to a low carbon society.

Key actions and commitments that have come out of the Task Force process include:

  • a DECC commitment to developing a third sector strategy
  • New principles for leadership on climate change by third sector infrastructure bodies
  • a Charity Commission introduction of a new good practice standard on environmental responsibility into their guidance, ‘The Hallmarks of an Effective Charity’.

The full report can be downloaded here.