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Government funding reporting demands are excessive, says New Philanthropy Capital - 16 March 2010

Half of charities that receive government grants or contracts believe the reporting requirements attached to the funding are out of proportion to the value of the funds, according to new research by think tank New Philanthropy Capital.

The survey, which was completed by 80 charities last year, showed half had never been offered funding or training to help them fulfil their reporting requirements. Two-thirds said the task of tailoring information on the results of their work for each local authority that funded them was taking up valuable time.

Martin Brookes, chief executive of NPC, said: "Some of the reporting demands on charities are excessive and absurd. Government has been talking about this problem for a long time, but not done enough about it. This needs to change."

The NPC's manifesto, due to be launched today, calls for 20 per cent of the budget of Capacitybuilders, which would be about £6m, to be diverted to a new 'impact fund' that would help charities measure and report on their effectiveness.

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