Funding news

Communitybuilders Fund - new programme announced - 16 February 2010

The Communitybuilders Fund is supporting The Housing Associations' Charitable Trust (hact) “Together for Communities” programme until March 2011.

Under this programme, key ‘community anchor’ organisations and social housing providers are invited to demonstrate the value of the existing or emerging partnerships that they have built or may be building. Designed as an important element of the Communitybuilders Fund, the programme presents an opportunity for partners to develop or extend a programme of joint activity that will contribute to the achievement of strong and sustainable communities.

Hact and Communitybuilders intend to select a minimum of ten “Together for Communities” partnerships involving a community anchor and a social housing organisation. Recognising that putting a partnership together or developing existing work further may entail a cost, the Communitybuilders Fund will offer grants of up to £30,000 to each of the selected community anchors - to help you negotiate, develop or sustain activities.

For further information on this programme, contact Chris Wadhams, Hact Associate, on 0121 784 4858, or email