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New Compact launched - 16 December 2009

The refreshed Compact has been launched by the Compact partnership consisting of the Office of the Third Sector, Compact Voice and the Commission for the Compact.

The Compact on Relations between Government and the Voluntary and Community Sector in England (the Compact) is a set of principles and undertakings that provide a framework for relations between Government and the sector.

The OTS states that "the new structure in the Compact is based on an overall set of undertakings and this will be backed up by a series of implementation guidance for specific audiences, sectors or types of relationship. The Compact therefore sets the overall framework for partnership working between government and third sector while the implementation guidance will be more specific in terms of addressing how the Compact can be implemented effectively at a local or grassroots level."

"The agreement reaffirms the commitment to issues like 12-week consultation periods and three year funding for example, but also addresses commissioning and equality issues for the first time."

Download the Compact here. For more information, go to: