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Futurebuilders consortium wins £100m DoH contract - 9 March 2009

A Futurebuilders England-led consortium will administer the Department of Health's Social Enterprise Investment Fund from June. The fund will offer grants, loans and equity-like products to social enterprises that deliver health and social care services.

Futurebuilders will work with Partnerships UK, a public-private partnership that helps NHS staff to create social enterprises.

Jonathan Lewis, chief executive of Futurebuilders, the £215m government-backed loan fund, said the decision was "fantastic news. It's an indication of all the work that's gone into Futurebuilders."

"The Department of Health looked at us with a completely fresh pair of eyes and liked what they saw.
"We've now got a £330m fund altogether, and we're not finished yet. We'll look at winning more government contracts.
"The more substantial we are the more good we can do for the sector."

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