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Government unveils £42.5m sector 'recession fund' - 9 February 2009

The plan comprises a £16.5m ‘modernisation fund’ to help charities looking at mergers and collaborations, a £15.5m ‘community resilience fund’ and a £10m volunteer brokerage scheme.

The community resilience fund will help support smaller charities in the poorest regions that provide services such as debt and employment advice, mental health services and family breakdown counselling, and skills training. It is believed that those already delivering public services on behalf of local authorities will not qualify for this money.

The volunteer brokerage scheme will be administered by the Department for Work and Pensions, and aims to ensure that 40,000 jobless people can learn new skills and help their communities by volunteering.

The government will also invest £500,000 in the School for Social Entrepreneurs as part of the package.

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