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New Opportunities White Paper has been launched - 28 January 2009

New Government agenda for capturing the jobs of the future and investing in families, communities and citizens.

Launched on 13 January, the 'New Opportunities White Paper' details plans that cover the full range of government departments and aims to offer focused support for people at key stages of their lives to make the most of their potential.

The Prime Minister said:

"During this global economic downturn we must continue to invest in people so they have a fair chance to achieve their potential. The world economy is set to double and the expansion of digital and green industries will offer new opportunities. We must be ready to seize these opportunities and ensure that these better jobs can be captured by everyone."

Measures will be in five main areas:

  • Early Years - Supporting Child Development;
  • World Class Schools;
  • Transition to Work;
  • Getting on in Work; and
  • Supporting Families.

Measures will include a full time community volunteering programme for people not in education, employment or training in 33 local authorities.

For more information see the Cabinet Office Press Release (opens new window).

There is also a New Opportunities website (opens new window)