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£20bn financial support package available to small businesses and third sector organisations - 15th January 2009

Government launches a new £20bn financial support package for small businesses, which can also be accessed by third sector organisations, business secretary Peter Mandelson has promised.

A £20bn financial support package for small businesses was launched by the Government on Wednesday.

Business secretary Peter Mandelson confirmed that the package was open to ‘all businesses, including the third sector’.

The Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform has set aside £10bn of the overall budget as a guarantee to banks that it will repay 50 per cent of short-term loans to businesses with turnovers of up to £500m. It has also separately set aside money to guarantee 100 per cent of £1.3 bn of loans to businesses with turnovers under £25m.

Chief Executive of Acevo, Steven Bubb, said:

"I am delighted to see that our discussions with the department have paid off and that the package will apply to the third sector. The focus of Acevo's ongoing discussions with Berr will now focus on ensuring that the support is tailored to the third sector's needs, and that third sector organisations know how to access it."

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