Funding news

Additional £27m for DWP's European Social Fund – Wednesday 5 November 2008

£27 million of new Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) European Social Fund money to be invested in projects to help people improve skills and stay in work, or develop new skills and find a new job.

Interested organisations are being called on to submit proposals to run regional projects which will develop, test and deliver new ways of extending employment opportunities and improving skills.  Each project will work with at least one partner from another EU Member State.

This money will be targeted at projects helping people find jobs by:

  • helping people who may find it harder to get back into work, for example disabled people or lone parents;
  • working with employers to ensure people have the right skills for the jobs available;
  • offering training in computer skills;
  • targeting help at older workers;
  • training for “green jobs”;
  • training and support to set up and manage not-for-profit enterprises.

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