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DH office move delaying Third Sector Investment Programme decisions – Thursday 6 November 2008

Many charities don't know whether their applications for grants from the Department of Health (DH) have been successful because government staff have moved offices.

Decisions on the first round of applications for the Third Sector Investment Programme, which is replacing the Section 64 general scheme of grants from next year, were due to be made by 3 October.

The deadline was initially extended until 17 October, but applicants were then informed that only 80 per cent of applications had been processed. On 24 October applicants received an email notifying them of further delay. It said: "For information - we are moving office between Friday 24 October and Monday 27 October. We would appreciate if you could avoid calling us on these days while we are packing/unpacking. We will pick up emails as usual once PCs plugged in."

There are still thought to be up to 70 outstanding applications. The deadline for the second stage of applications has now been extended until 21 November.

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