Funding news

30/03/05 - In the public interest

Stephen Dunmore today unveils plans to distribute £2.4bn of lottery cash. It is time money for good causes is spread more fairly and widely, he tells Alison Benjamin.

The voluntary sector will be eagerly awaiting the announcement today by the Big Lottery Fund (BLF) of its first major funding programmes since its creation through the merger of the New Opportunities Fund (Nof) and the Community Fund in June 2004. We are talking big bucks: BLF hopes to distribute £2.38bn of lottery money between now and 2009.
Its decisions could make or break thousands of voluntary and community groups - especially those supporting less popular causes - that rely on handouts from the Community Fund. The announcement will be closely scrutinised to see if it confirms the sector's worst fear: that BLF is a barely camouflaged government vehicle for diverting lottery cash to charities that meet ministers' policy objectives.,8150,1447535,00.html