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Department of Health announces replacement to Section 64 grants scheme – Thursday 17 July 2008

The Department of Health (DH) is changing its main grants scheme for the voluntary sector to a new ‘Third Sector Investment Programme’.

The scheme is replacing Section 64 grants for charities that deliver services on behalf of the DH and is due to open on Monday 21 July and to begin making awards next year.

The announcement comes after a consultation with more than 700 voluntary organisations on how the DH could improve its funding of the health and social care charity sector.

The new programme has two strands: a strategic partner programme and an innovation, excellence and service development fund. For the former, the DH will recruit up to 10 strategic partners from the voluntary sector and pay them to ensure better communication between charities and the DH. The innovation, excellence and service development fund will pay for national projects that contribute to the DH objectives of improving health and wellbeing.

This year, the DH awarded £24m in Section 64 grants to charities that deliver services on its behalf.

Ann Blackmore, head of policy at the NCVO, hailed the new arrangements for giving the third sector a greater say in funding arrangements.

"We have long called for reforms to the process of commissioning to ensure that our members have the opportunity to contribute their knowledge, skills and expertise to the provision of healthcare."

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Full scheme details will be published on the Government Funding Portal shortly.