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Defra publishes Public Attitudes research – Monday 14 January 2008

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has published a framework and announced a new grant scheme to encourage environmentally friendly behaviour among individuals and communities.

The report pulls together evidence on public understanding, attitudes and behaviours and draws conclusions on the potential for behaviour change among members of the public.

Defra's environmental segmentation model is also included in the research. The model will be used to improve government's understanding of people's environmental attitudes, values and behaviours towards the environment. By defining the different motivations and barriers to pro-environmental behaviour, the model is intended to help policy makers understand how to support different groups of people to take action.

In recognition of the important role the voluntary sector plays in influencing pro-environmental behaviour, Environment Minister Joan Ruddock announced that a new grant scheme will be set up to support voluntary organisations to encourage people to adopt a greener lifestyle.

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