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Capacitybuilders announces £30m in grants to develop third sector infrastructure – Tuesday 4 December 2007

Capacitybuilders has announced it will give £30m of grant funding through the ChangeUp programme, intended to develop and modernise the third sector's local and regional infrastructure over the next three years.

From April 2008 £12m will go to local and regional consortia and £18m will form a “modernisation project fund”. The fund will ‘help achieve a step change in the way third sector support services are delivered locally and regionally’, according to a statement from Capacitybuilders.

A limited number of projects will be supported in each region and the statement acknowledged that a ‘tightening of resources has meant a thorough review of what can be achieved’, whilst stipulating that: ‘with the new three-year consortium development grants, Capacitybuilders is making a renewed commitment […] to make links with local public sector decision-makers.’

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