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The voluntary sector has a higher profile than ever before and is facing great opportunities and challenges. At a time when so much is at stake, we really want to hear your opinions on public service delivery, the future for Changeup and many more...

Please visit our bulletin board to comment on;

  • Future for ChangeUp: Whatever Capacitybuilders decides now will affect the sector for many years. What priorities should be adopted? And what has the hubs experience taught us?
  • Local Government White Paper: This white paper has been broadly welcomed by the voluntary sector, but many changes are likely to occur before it becomes law. What do you think the voluntary sector should be lobbying for?
  • Lyons Inquiry: Sir Michael Lyons is currently conducting an inquiry into local government finance and how responsibilities are split between Whitehall and local authorities. He has mentioned the role of the voluntary sector in 'place-shaping' and seems broadly supportive of increasing the role of the sector. What do you think?
  • The Compact: The compact has been a great success in some areas (such as Portsmouth) but in other areas there is still no compact in place. How supportive is your local authority towards the Compact agenda? Has the compact improved relations, and how should breaches of the compact be dealt with?
  • Office of the Third Sector: Ed Miliband: Ed Miliband, the new Minister for the Third Sector, is responsible for heading the OTS and advocating for the Third Sector with other departments. So far, many charities have welcomed Miliband's approach, and much of what has come from the OTS in its first year has been positive, but does Miliband have the influence to push his vision? And are there any problems with Miliband's approach?
  • Public Service Delivery: Is the voluntary sector losing its independence?: Or is this a great opportunity to improve services for beneficiaries? Or perhaps a bit of both? Would the role of charities in public service delivery become, as some have suggested, providing 'public services on the cheap'? The government certainly doesn't seem to think so, and in theory the compact prevents this from happening. But there are other issues too- will charities lose public trust because of a perception that they are 'too close' to government?
  • General discussion: A variety of different topics: From IT training to substance misuse. You can also start a new discussion here.

  • All comments will be read by our research team, and your opinions will inform our work promoting the interests of the voluntary sector.

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