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Miliband backs three-year funding cycles – Tuesday 28 November 2006

Charities minister Ed Miliband declared his commitment to three-year rather than one-year contracts for the third sector at the annual Funding the Future conference last week.

“Three year funding should be the norm, not the exception,” the minister told delegates. “I think one-year funding is wasteful, [and] unnecessary in almost all cases.”

The government has already set out its commitment to three-year funding at the local level in last month’s local government white paper, but Miliband said he hoped to see central government follow suit when the Treasury publishes its Comprehensive Spending Review next spring. “I’m not saying three-year funding is the panacea, but I think it will take things forward,” he added. However, when questioned on whether more financial support would be earmarked for the third sector after the spending review, Miliband said: “I can’t promise lots more money.”

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