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David Cameron: Our vision for the voluntary sector – Wednesday 15 November 2006

Writing for Third Sector, Conservative Party leader David Cameron argues that voluntary organisations are over-regulated, denied the conditions to compete fairly with other sectors and would benefit from 'Social Action Zones'.

One of the privileges of my job is that I constantly meet inspiring people who are really transforming the lives of millions in this country.

I think of Balsall Heath, in Birmingham, where volunteers man the local police station and people take it in turns to lead a 'walking bus' of children to and from school.

In my own county of Oxfordshire, I've seen the fantastic Michael Sobell Hospice working side by side with the local hospital to give dignity to the dying. And in North Tyneside, I met the people who run Re:generate, a social enterprise that creates community activists by going from door to door, listening to people's concerns and setting up businesses and projects to involve and employ them.

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