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Voluntary sector criticises ALG review of funding - Saturday 25 August 2006

The Voluntary Sector Forum, representing the voluntary and community sector in London, has hit out at the Association of London Government’s plans to review its funding priorities, claiming any redistribution of cash could hit the sector hard.

The Forum has rebuked the ALG’s claims that the funding will be “safe in councils’ hands”, saying this is unlikely to be enforceable and cash earmarked for the voluntary sector is at risk of being siphoned off for other council business.

”The latest revelation has heaped yet more uncertainty on the voluntary sector,” said Michael Murray, co-director of adviceUK London Region and co-chair of the Voluntary Sector Forum.

“We’ve also been advised that voluntary groups will have to lobby local councils to make sure that this funding does go to local voluntary sector services, taking away more time and energy from what we’re supposed to be doing – delivering services to thousands of people who need them,” Murray added. “The situation is becoming increasingly difficult. We’re dealing with one surprise after another.”

The decision to recommend the level of funding is expected to be made on 5 September by an executive committee of nine ALG Grants Committee members. The ALG Leaders Committee is to decide on the recommendation in October.