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Major giving soars by 300% over three years - Wednesday 21 June 2006

Income from major donor fundraising has soared by as much as 185.7% over the past year and 300% over 3 years, according to new Fundratios research released by the Institute of Fundraising today.

Co-ordinated by the Centre for InterFirm Comparison (CIFC) on behalf of the Institute, Fundratios - the annual charity fundraising benchmarking project - analyses the fundraising income and expenditure of 37 charities with a combined voluntary income of £1.27 billion. Headline results show that voluntary income has risen by 15.5% over the past year and 45% over the past 3 years, with income from major donor fundraising up by 185.7% and 300% over the same respective time periods. For every £1 invested in fundraising, charities make an average of £4.86 in voluntary income.

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