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New department created after Government reshuffle - Monday 08 May 2006

The Prime Minister has created a new Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) under Ruth Kelly's leadership.

DCLG will be the successor department to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM). It is an expanded department with a powerful new remit to promote community cohesion and equality, as well as responsibility for housing, urban regeneration, planning and local government. DCLG will be much better placed to deliver on this important remit:

  • It will unite the communities and civic renewal functions previously undertaken by the Home Office, with responsibility for regeneration, neighbourhood renewal and local government (previously held by the ODPM);
  • It will bring together responsibility for equality policy, including policy on race, faith, gender and sexual orientation. These functions were previously split between several government departments. The Women and Equality Unit moves to DCLG from DTI . DCLG will also be the sponsor department for the new Commission for Equality and Human Rights. Responsibility for policy on disability and age equality will remain in the Department for Work and Pensions.

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