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'Empowerment not abandonment' - Tuesday, February 21 2006

A speech by David Miliband at the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) Annual conference called 'Empowerment not abandonment' which covers the current relationship between the Voluntary Community Sector and Government.

Extract - "We face a critical choice as a country. We can build on progress over the last nine years through reform of government that empowers people through and with a diverse, independent and sustainable voluntary and community sector. Or we can recreate the problems of the past through an attack on the public sector that abandons people and reduces the voluntary sector to a charitable safety net."
Extract - " Many organisations combine all three functions. I don’t agree with Iain Duncan Smith who warned last November about the campaigning and advocacy role of voluntary organisations. The whole point about voluntary organisations is that they defy neat categorisations. They cross conventional boundaries between social care, education and health; between consumer and producer; and between service delivery and citizen advocacy."
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