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Leading lights contribute to resource for charity accountants

Charities will soon be expected to prepare accounts in line with the Charities SORP 2005. To help charities meet these new requirements, the Charity Commission today publishes a package of guidance material to help charities of all sizes prepare their accounts and trustee reports. A new co-ordinated webpage also provides direct links to the accounts of leading charities who adopted SORP 2005 early, providing practical examples and illustration.

For smaller charities, we've published:

* A Receipts and Payments Accounts Pack that provides a template for the layout and content of the annual report and accounts;
* An Accrual Pack that provides a similar template for charities below the audit threshold that prepare accruals accounts.

These packs can currently be downloaded and printed and will shortly be available in a format that can be completed on pc's.

For charities designing their own accounts, we've published:

* A pack of six example accounts to help charities design the content and layout of their own accounts; and, with help from early-adopters;

* A link to the website of a number of charities who have already prepared accounts under SORP 2005.

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