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Thankyou for your feedback

Thank you to everybody who took the time to fill out our user survey and for all your positive and encouraging comments. We received over 450 responses and the feedback we received will inform decisions we make about the future of the website. As the survey was anonymous we are unable to respond individually to specific questions and issues raised in the comments box. We have instead prepared this general response to some of those key points which have been brought to our attention.

To those people who are having trouble with the size of the text on the website please be aware that this was an issue which was raised in last year's survey and as a result there is a text icon in the top right hand corner of each webpage. Users can click on one of three different sized letter 'A's to select their required text size.

Another issue which was raised for a second time in this survey was that of closed schemes showing up on the site. After last year's survey we amended the site so that when you browse the schemes or do a search, any open schemes will always come up at the top of the page and any closed schemes underneath. As many schemes re-open and we update the closed records with new information about successful projects and future funding rounds we feel that keeping the schemes on the site in this way is the best way to keep users fully informed.

Two other issues which came up were that you welcome the e-mail alerts and would like to see this service expanded. This is something which we are looking into as is the possibility of expanding the number of Government departments represented on the site.

There were of course many other points raised which unfortunately we will be unable to reply to but, if anybody has any further comments to make they can be directed to and we will respond to them as quickly as possible.