Funding news

DEFRA announce renewal of grants to support sustainable living - Thursday, 26 January 2006

Environment Minister Elliot Morley has today confirmed over £2 million pounds' worth of funding to support projects looking at sustainable living.

Over 35 projects from voluntary groups across England are set to benefit from continued funding from Defra's Environmental Action Fund.

Amongst the projects being funded is the Carplus Scheme based in Leeds, which has benefited from a £130,000 grant from the Action Fund.

Philip Igoe, Co-director from Carplus, said:

"Carplus aims to enable people make travel choices based on more accurate information about the environmental and financial costs.

"The grant has enabled us to work with a new car sharing scheme in the region. We aim to monitor people's travel patterns before the introduction of the service and for a two-year period after its introduction. This will help us to assess the environmental benefits of using a car as a community service rather than as a product.

" Although the idea of a community car scheme is not new, we believe this project is a world first in gathering such extensive hard evidence on the benefits. We expect to see carbon savings of up to 70% - as well as financial and health benefits for the users."

Full details of today's funding along with further information on the projects being supported is available at